Our mission is to change the way the world views global real estate investment, placing it on a level footing with other recognised asset classes.


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    Webinar | Why Is Portugal A Great Market For Investment Post COVID-19?

    COVID-19 has caused a dramatic hit to the global economy. However, investment in Portugal has appeared not to be..

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    23 Jul 2020
    5PM HK & SG TIME

    Grant Reynolds

    Director – South East Asia. Grant built ..

    Last few spaces remaining

    Webinar | Expected to Thrive Post COVID-19? Suburban US Multifamily Real Estate

    In this webinar, we will explore the benefits of direct real estate investments compared to various traditional..

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    15 Jul 2020
    5 PM HK

    Kai Huang

    Associate Director & Responsible Officer..

    If you are interested but unable to tune in to the webinar,
    book a one-on-one with a consultant today.


    If you are Interested but can’t make the event,
    book a one-on-one with a consultant today.


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