Euro 2021

    Don't Get Caught Offside and Find Out Where Is Prime to Invest Now

    IP Global is kicking off with some great property investment opportunities in 3 of the favourite Euro 2021 contenders, England, Germany, and Portugal.

    Join this webinar to understand the investment case in these markets with an update on post Brexit, vaccine rollout success, Golden Visa, and low-interest-rate opportunities.


    Euro 2021 Property Webinar

    We will discuss the following goals:

        1. Grant's view on the English, German, and Portuguese property markets
        2. Brexit - Once the word on everyone's lips is now a distant memory
        3. Find out where you can secure an interest rate below 1%
        4. Golden Visa opportunities
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    If you are interested but unable to tune in to the webinar,
    book a one-on-one with a consultant today.


    If you are interested but can’t make the event,
    book a one-on-one with a consultant today.




    Director of Wealth Management | IP Global (Grant's CEA Registration Number: R027901G)

    Grant Reynolds, a registered CEA member, has over 30 years of experience in supporting clients to build and maximise their investment portfolios. He joined IP Global in 2006 and is now a Director of Wealth Management having advised his valued clients on over USD250 million worth of global property investment transactions.