Property Investment | Promising Alternatives to the UK

    Heavily invested in the UK property market? Join our latest webinar to find our what alternative options we can offer you in Europe.

    Property Investment | Promising Alternatives to the UK

    What can you expect to learn?

    • Why Germany and Portugal property markets are on the upward trend
    • What are the tax implications when investing in these countries
    • What mortgage options are available for non-residents
    • Predicted returns

    Webinar_ 6th May - Andrew & Jeremy-1

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    If you are interested but can’t make the event,
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    Head of Kenya, Wealth Management | IP Global
    Andrew has 18 years of property investment experience, advising clients in the UK for 7 years. Since 2009, Andrew has been based in Kenya advising clients on non-biased, holistic approaches to developing their real estate investment portfolios. His core strengths lie in having a fundamental understanding of real estate markets at a micro- and macro-economic level. As the Head of Kenya at IP Global, Andrew specialises in providing investors with advice on strategic real estate investment, international mortgage lending and building profitable property portfolios.


    Head of Abu Dhabi, Wealth Management | IP Global
    Having joined IP Global in 2013, Jeremy has built IP Global’s Abu Dhabi office and now advises our partners and clients across the UAE. Jeremy has a deep knowledge of global property markets and the technicalities of building portfolios in international property.