On Wednesday the 8th of July, the Chancellor of the Exchequer unveiled an emergency mini-budget that included a temporary stamp duty holiday. Between July 8th 2020 and March 31st 2021, investors making housing purchases worth up to £500,000 can save up to £15,000 right now in taxes.

    Learn how you, as an international property investor, can benefit from this new tax saving in our webinar with UK Chartered Tax Advisor, Christian Brown. A free Q&A session will be held at the end. 

    UK Stamp Duty and Tax Webinar | How Investors Can Save up to £15,000 in Taxes

    Learn how you, as an international property investor, can benefit from the recent SDLT update in our UK Tax Expert Webinar. A Q&A session for free advice will be held at the end.

    What Can You Expect to Learn From This Webinar?

      1. How changes to UK tax laws might have impacted your property investment.

      2. Recent stamp duty changes and the savings you can now make.

      3. Does buying via a company structure provide a more tax efficient structure for UK property investment?

      4. A case study example of IP Global’s new London property, The Solarium and how the new stamp duty rules can save you up to £25,000 - dependent on timing.



    IP Global’s property investments that qualify for up to £15,000 in SDLT savings

    The Solarium

    Bishton Fletcher Building


    If you are interested but unable to tune in to the webinar,
    book a one-on-one with a consultant today.


    If you are interested but can’t make the event,
    book a one-on-one with a consultant today.



    RICHARD LOWE (CEA Registration Number: R053377J)

    Director of Wealth Management | IP Global
    Prior to joining IP Global, Richard worked for global real estate companies such as IPIN Global and Midas Development, bringing with him a wealth of experience in property investment. Based in Singapore, Richard is a key member of IP Global's Southeast Asia business operations and sales.


    Managing Director | Lutea Advisory Services Pte. Ltd
    Christian Brown is a UK Chartered Tax Adviser, Trust & Estate Practitioner and member of the Association of Taxation Technicians with over 25 years’ experience in UK taxation and 15 years as a trustee. He spent 5 years with HMRC and 3 years with Ernst & Young in the UK, before joining Lutea in July 2002, moving to Lutea Jersey in 2006 and then to Hong Kong to open a Lutea office in February 2009. Christian has been working with clients in Asia since joining Lutea and moved to Singapore to open a Lutea office in March 2019.  Lutea is an international Trust and Corporate Service Provider offering tax and estate planning and other support services to clients globally.



    VP Growth and Business Development | GetGround

    With 17 years of experience in property and real estate, Chris joined GetGround from FTSE 100 property developer Berkeley Group. At Berkeley, Chris led the Asia business and during his tenure grew the sales revenue of the operation three-fold, expanding market share and promoting the Berkeley brand. Prior to Berkeley, Chris has garnered additional experience working at several real estate agencies and technology businesses. Chris has a strong track record of developing and maintaining relationships and partnerships, and is known as a trusted resource for knowledge and guidance in the UK and International real estate networks. At GetGround he leads the growth of the business in the UK and internationally, with a team of Key Account Managers, helping GetGround’s customers optimize the platform for their investment needs.